Krafty Caps

Variety for your little fashion icon

We have kids. We get it.

Yesterday it was dinosaurs, today it is space ships, and tomorrow they could be obsessed with anything else.

Novelty is king, and it's tough to keep up!

Our aim is to feed that thirst for change without breaking the bank or contributing to fast-fashion culture.

A Krafty Cap puts the owner in control, and allows them to swap the colourful patches on the front as often as they like.

What makes Krafty Caps so great?

Personalised: Krafty Caps allow children to express their unique personalities and interests by choosing from a variety of patches to decorate their caps. This encourages creativity and individuality; a source of pride and confidence for children.

Durable: Krafty Caps are made with high-quality materials that can withstand the wear and tear of active play. The hook and loop area on the front of the cap is strong and secure, so patches can be added and removed as often as desired without damaging the cap.

Versatile: Krafty Caps are suitable for a wide range of activities, including sports, outdoor adventures, and everyday wear. They are available in a mix of colours to suit any child's preference.

Sustainable: Krafty Caps can be reused and customized again and again, providing an eco-friendly alternative to disposable hats or accessories that may only be used once or twice before being discarded.

Affordable: Krafty Caps are competitively priced and offer great value for the quality and customisation they provide. They make a great gift for any occasion and are an affordable way to encourage children to spend more time outdoors and engage in active play.

Reviews from Google and Etsy

"Great quality and comfortable with lots of fab patch designs"

"These are just perfect as my daughter changes her mind and preferences more frequently than my eyes blink!"

"The idea is great and my kids love deciding what they get to wear on their Cap"

"Great quality caps, kids absolutely love them, thanks!"

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