• How to persuade kids to wear a hat... without resorting to bribery or superglue!

    Here are our tips for getting your child’s hat to stay put, without using an adhesive!
  • Finding the perfect children’s gift

    When I choose a gift for a child I am mindful of 3 things:

    1. The recipient will actually use it
    2. The gift has longevity
    3. The parent will be pleased too
  • Giving kids choice

    We have designed our range of Krafty Caps to allow children to choose their cap colour and patches regardless of their gender. 
  • Krafty Cap patches: reusable, swappable, ungendered

    There is a backlash against ‘fast fashion’ and our Krafty Caps fit perfectly with this trend.
  • Our Krafty Caps inspiration

    Recreating the softest cap for our young children.
  • My Story

    Fatherhood, mental health and finding a way to make a positive contribution with Unique
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